AG Herring Joins Coalition Of States Defending National Auto Emission Standards

A customer pumps gas into his dual-tank pickup in 2012 at a 76 gas station in Los Angeles

A customer pumps gas into his dual-tank pickup in 2012 at a 76 gas station in Los Angeles

The state of California, one of the signatories of the legal action, has for decades benefited from a derogation allowing it to set its own, stricter standards. According to the Pew Charitable Trust "Stateline" project, state attorneys general filed 36 lawsuits against the White House previous year alone.

According to the details of the lawsuit, the states are taking issue with how the EPA under the Trump administration has continued to rollback Obama-era regulations that are meant to curb carbon emissions and reduce the impact of pollution on climate change. "We get inquiries from our largest customers constantly about doing their deliveries with low and zero emission vehicles", Baker said.

One effect of a rollback would be to "arbitrarily and capriciously" cancel an agreement California and the environmental agency hashed out several years ago to harmonize their emissions standards so auto and truck makers wouldn't have to deal with two conflicting sets of rules. Thirteen other states and the District of Columbia have adopted the California standards as their own.

The EPA has said it will try to reach an agreement with California on a single national standard.

Eighteen of them are suing the EPA on the grounds that the agency acted "arbitrarily and capriciously" in deciding to change auto emissions regulations.

It's a game of three-cushion billiards, being played not in a dingy pool hall but in Donald Trump's Washington, Jerry Brown's Sacramento and in the executive suites of major automakers.

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However, the lawsuit sets a significant precedent which could be used to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for the 9/11 attacks. ABC News said that the ruling was symbolic as Iran is unlikely to admit guilt or discuss compensation .

This article was released by the California Attorney General's Office.

"The states joining today's lawsuit represent 140 million people who simply want cleaner and more efficient cars", California Gov. And for those interested in significant improvements in emissions regulation, the Golden State (under both Republican and Democratic administrations) has continue to represent the gold standard.

The NYT explains that after executives from General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler visited the White House to request more lenient emissions rules, Trump's administration began to try and roll back the standards. The EPA said in April that the waiver is "still being reexamined by the EPA under Administrator Pruitt's leadership". We believe this latest set of environmental goals, put in place by the Obama Administration, are the logical outcome and continuation of this decades-old practice, and are very achievable by the industry.

The Trump administration said the standards were too stringent, according to The New York Times, and moved forward legally with the aim of reopening them.

But lowering the standards would create a nationwide divide. The EPA hasn't offered proposed new standards but has drafted new regulations that would weaken the rules post-2020.

This fight is clearly still just in its early stages, and it will be watched closely as its repercussions will be felt around the world, starting right here in Canada.

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