Origin Sajid Javid appointed new United Kingdom home secretary

Britain's Communities Secretary Sajid Javid

Britain's Communities Secretary Sajid Javid

"I think that's what people want to see", said Javid, whose parents were born in pre-Partition India before migrating to Pakistan and then to the United Kingdom in the 1960s.

Rudd said she didn't see the memo, but The Guardian later published a leaked letter she wrote to the prime minister discussing an aim of increasing removals by 10 percent.

The scandal came to light as many among them faced forced deportations due to lack of documentary evidence that they had the right to live and work in Britain because they arrived before 1973 when stricter new visa norms came into force for all Commonwealth nationals migrating to the UK.

To cheers from members within the Chamber, she said: "Could I take the opportunity to congratulate my right honourable friend for Bromsgrove on his appointment to the Home Office".

May preceded Ms. Rudd as Home Minister. The prime minister doesn't have a majority in the United Kingdom parliament and is struggling with Brexit negotiations.

Next to no comment has been made on broader issues of immigration policy, like the 40,000 people who left the United Kingdom "voluntarily" in 2016 after receiving threatening letters from the government.

However, he added: "I am equally clear that it is only fair to all British people, including the Windrush generation, that only people with a legal right to be in our country are able to remain here and access our public services".

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"I'm a second-generation migrant".

Explaining the thinking behind Javid's appointment, May's spokesman said he was "one of the most experienced ministers" in Cabinet who had "proved his drive, his ambition and his determination to get to grips with hard subjects". Rudd and May both apologized for the unintended consequences to the Windrush generation.

The area was tough but Javid went to university and made a successful career in banking, first at Chase Manhattan Bank and then at Deutsche Bank, before entering politics. He was Business Secretary in the previous government of David Cameron.

The Windrush generation came to Britain to help in the postwar rebuilding efforts, following the devastating effects of World War II. Following the testimony, several documents were leaked to the press that suggested targets had indeed been set by the Department as part of efforts to cut net migration to the United Kingdom. "At a time when we are trying to build our relationship with the Commonwealth post-Brexit for trade and other reasons, it is extremely damaging what has been revealed about the way Commonwealth citizens have been treated", said Labour MP Diane Abbott, the UK's shadow home secretary.

The Prime Minister said she believed Rudd had given her evidence to the House of Commons "in good faith" but that she understood her decision to resign and take "responsibility for inadvertently misleading the home affairs select committee".

His appointment is also a landmark: he is the first politician from an ethnic minority to take on one of the great offices of state - the biggest jobs in cabinet. With Rudd gone, the opposition can shift its focus to the prime minister, though the absence of an obvious successor capable of steering the divided Conservative parliamentary party through the Brexit talks will protect her in the short term at least.

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