Labour takes control of Plymouth City Council

The Liberal Democrats gained dozens of councillors across the country

The Liberal Democrats gained dozens of councillors across the country

Labour gains more than Conservatives.

Even if the Tories had lost all of the 13 seats up for grabs, their majority would have remained intact.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which has seen its support collapse since the 2016 vote for Brexit, were all but wiped out, while the pro-European Liberal Democrat party made gains.

This year's polling was likely the last district council elections in Daventry after the Government's Best Value inspection report into Northamptonshire County Council recommended the county's political landscape be changed to a unitary model.

THE latest round of local elections in Sunderland saw Labour take a bruising at the polls, writes local democracy reporter James Harrison.

Council leader Clare Coghill, who retained her seat in High Street, said: "I'm feeling very proud of our team who have worked so incredibly hard and I'm delighted we have increased our majority".

Against a backdrop of heightened expectations for the Labour Party, the ballot also showed the limitations of its recent resurgence under veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn.

Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party did not lose significant ground in the local results of city and town councils in many parts of England despite the party's weak showing in last year's general election.

"Opposition parties are supposed to do well in mid-term contests, and these aren't the results of one that's about to storm the next general election", he said.

Netanyahu accuses Palestinian leader Abbas of anti-Semitism
Ms Thornberry did slam the comments in a later statement after reports on Mr Abbas' three-hour speech spread around the world. He gave no source for the accusation, but said it was part of a wider Israeli campaign of incitement against Palestinians.

"What it will also fuel is a continued argument in the Labour party about what it does about anti-semitism because Barnet has roughly a 15 per cent Jewish population, the largest Jewish population in the United Kingdom".

The Liberal Democrat candidate Pauleen Malone had 253 votes and Labour came third with 165 for John Rodway. "This defeat wasn't yours".

"I think it's been a good night for us and it's been a awful night for Labour" - Brandon Lewis, Conservative Party Chairman. The Conservatives may be relieved that after eight years in government, and amid much turmoil over Brexit, that they did not do worse.

The beleaguered party's general secretary Paul Oakley compared Ukip to the Black Death as he struggled to find positives from a night of carnage.

"We have got a job to do which is to rebuild trust and confidence with the Jewish community", he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. It comes along and it causes disruption and then it goes dormant, and that's exactly what we are going to do. "Our time isn't finished because Brexit is being betrayed".

Ukip former deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans admitted it had not been a good night for the party but pointed to its victories in Derby.

The only point of light for the Eurosceptic party was Derby, where it held one seat and gained another, unseating the Labour leader of the council and bringing its total representation to three.

This included all 32 London boroughs and every ward in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Newcastle.

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