United Kingdom hospitals are like a war zone for stabbing wounds, says Trump

President Donald Trump gestures to the audience after speaking at the National Rifle Association annual convention in Dallas. Sue Ogrocki AP

President Donald Trump gestures to the audience after speaking at the National Rifle Association annual convention in Dallas. Sue Ogrocki AP

Maajid Nawaz says it was "grossly irresponsible" for the US President to draw comparisons between a London hospital and a war zone, as Trump mimics stabbing motions in a speech at the NRA.

Speaking at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Dallas, President Trump, while defending gun laws in his country, said, "They don't have guns, despite tough gun laws in the UK".

He told the NRA in Dallas: "I recently read a story that in London, which has unbelievably tough gun laws, a once very prestigious hospital right in the middle is like a war zone for frightful stabbing wounds". They have knives and instead, there's blood all over the floors of this hospital.

And though he didn't mention any specific London hospitals by name, Trump did say that in some hospitals it's like a "war zone" from all of the knife attacks. "Knives, knives, knives.London hasn't been used to that, they're getting used to it, pretty tough".

"They don't have guns".

A few months later, in November, Khan slammed Trump for retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda from a British far-right group and suggested British Prime Minister Theresa May shouldn't welcome Trump for a state visit.

Far-right Trump allies in the United Kingdom also defended the presidenrt.

The President has also criticized the new location of the US Embassy in London, which moved from its long-standing site in central London to its new home south of the city in January.

Professor Karim Brohi, a trauma surgeon at the Royal London Hospital, said a suggestion that guns could be part of the solution to tackle violence is "ridiculous".

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However, Mrs Shearer agreed with the president that knife crime was out of control and hospitals and police were bearing the brunt of the crisis.

"There is more we can all do to combat this violence, but to suggest guns are part of the solution is ridiculous", Brohi tweeted.

'Gunshot wounds are at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more hard to fix.

"Knife crime over the a year ago rose at a similar rate in London (23%) as it did across the whole of England and Wales (21%)", he wrote in a Facebook post in April.

He told the Today programme: 'Some of my military colleagues have described their practice here as similar to being at Bastion'. While for previous year, the city saw 116 murders, including at least 80 stabbing victims and 10 gunshot victims, the police said on Saturday.

But the magnitude of violent crime is still well below that of the US, where there were an estimated 17,250 murders in 2016, according to data compiled by the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

This means the city has a higher murder rate than NY, which had 21 deaths in comparison, where handguns are legal.

The lobby supported Mr Trump during his 2016 presidential election, spending more than $11m (£8m) in advertisements for him, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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