Pickup truck crashes into Southwest Airlines plane

Pickup Truck Hits Southwest Airlines Plane, Gets Stuck Under Aircraft

Pickup Truck Hits Southwest Airlines Plane, Gets Stuck Under Aircraft

A Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville, Tennessee, had to make an unscheduled landing at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

The airline said it was "glad to hear everyone made it safely to BWI" but that it regretted the inconvenience.

Passengers were still on-board the aircraft when the incident took place.

All passengers were able to get off the plane using stairs, according to WBAL in Baltimore. The circumstances that led to the accident is not yet known.

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Southwest Airlines has not released any comment but the company did respond to a tweet from one of the passengers on the plane. The airline characterized the landing as "uneventful".

The carrier operated Florida One, Southwest's Boeing 737-700 emblazoned with an artist's rendering of the state flag on the inaugural flight on May 6. She died from her injuries after being rushed to the hospital.

The Baltimore incident is the third involving Southwest in three weeks after an engine explosion caused the death of a passenger in April, and a flight was diverted last week due to a cabin window crack. Lauderdale to Baltimore was pulling into the gate at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) when a ground vehicle came into contact with the aircraft.

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