Here's why Warren Buffett isn't anxious about Berkshire Hathaway when he retires

Илон Маск решил производить конфеты

Илон Маск решил производить конфеты

While Warren Buffett maybe upset about not investing and purchasing stocks from Google as well as Amazon, he certainly makes his interest in Apple clear as its 250 million stockholder, Berkshire Hathaway.

After first investing in Apple in 2016, the iPhone maker is now the largest holding of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, which owns a staggering 250 million Apple shares, Buffett said Saturday.

"I didn't go into Apple because it was a tech stock in the least", Buffett explained at the Berkshire meeting.

Apple, whose stock hit a new record high Monday, has been a major victor for Berkshire Hathaway: Apple's stock price has roughly doubled in the two years since Berkshire initially disclosed its stake.

"I clearly like Apple".

Buffett, 87, and Munger, 94, spoke two days after they presided at Berkshire's annual shareholder meeting, which was expected to have drawn more than 40 000 people. While that kind of disaster will wipe out many companies, Berkshire will aim to keep its exposure low enough to remain profitable in such a year, the 87-year-old chairman said.

What is Flipkart's plan 2.0 after merger with Walmart
Flipkart under the new order is likely to be listed as a Walmart subsidiary in India in 2019-20, similar to its model in Mexico. The Flipkart buy may be one of the largest deals in the retail sector and the biggest in the e-commerce market.

In its Q1 2018 report, Apple also announced a new $100 billion stock buyback programme.

He also said "I'm delighted to see them repurchasing shares".

The epicenter of the festivities is Omaha's CenturyLink Center exhibition space: One wing is fully devoted to booths of Berkshire Hathaway-owned brands. He said choosing the CEO will be "by far the most hard decision we will make".

Although investors enjoy speculating on which companies Apple should acquire, Buffett, ironically, is quite pessimistic about its M&A potential. "We like very much the management and the way they think".

In other words, the business that looks most attractive for Apple to buy is Apple itself. But I know I don't have to do a thing and probably in a couple of years, we'll own 6 percent without laying out another dollar.

Not only did Apple made iPhone sales in March quite strong, the CEO, Tim Cook boasted during a subsequent earnings conference, saying that the iPhone X was the most popular iPhone model for every single week during the quarter.

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