#GetLoud: mental health week in Nanaimo tackles variety of themes

Mental health awareness emphasizes physical fitness, children's mental health

Mental health awareness emphasizes physical fitness, children's mental health

But our report out today from the Education and Health and Social Care Committees says its strategy lacks ambition.

The NSPCC has urged Theresa May to ensure children have access to early mental health support.

It claimed that the government's slow roll out of its green paper proposals would only reach a fifth to a quarter of the country by 2022-23.

Getting the appropriate amount of exercise can help control weight, improve mental health and help promote a longer and healthier life. We are developing a comprehensive mental-health and addictions strategy across government, focused on early intervention and prevention, and treatment and recovery. Post-16 education is funded significantly less per student than 11-16 schools or universities, and colleges have a higher proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who, as the report indicates, are more likely to develop mental health challenges.

However, Reed - a member of the Congressional Mental Health Caucus and the House Suicide Prevention Task Force - has demonstrated a commitment to numerous mental health initiatives while in Congress.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, who chairs the health committee, said the green paper is "just not ambitious enough" and will leave "so many children without the care they need".

May 7-13 is the Canadian Mental Health Association's Mental Health Week, a national endeavour to spread the message that mental health relates to more than just mental illness - and share the notion that everyone deserves to feel well regardless of their experience with mental health.

"This will mean that thousands of children will continue to struggle in silence, suffering with an undetected and therefore unsupported need".

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The designation of May as Mental Health Month was started 69 years ago by Mental Health America to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of good mental health for everyone. However, it is clear that more funding will be needed if the Government's trial of a four-week waiting time target is to succeed.

The report said that children who'd been excluded from school, those in care, or being educated outside of mainstream schools or not in education at all were in danger of missing out on care. The demand for professional mental health services has increased in recent years, but funding has plummeted. Only about one-third of them connect with the community-based supports and services they need.

A poll of delegates at the NAHT conference last weekend showed that 93 per cent are unable to access specialist mental health support for the children in their school when they need it.

Javed Khan, chief executive of children's charity Barnado's, warned that the country was "sleep-walking into a mental health crisis".

There must be more help for families with children at risk of developing problems.

We are also expanding the network of Foundry Youth centres throughout the province. We have long argued that such centres provide a vital service to children and families, and we hope that as the government looks to move forward with its work on children's mental health, it will recognise the crucial role that children's centres play by providing proper clarity over their future'.

Davidon noted that the mental health system is now quite different than the physical health system - there has been a growing focus on wellness and prevention for physical health but this is not the case for mental health.

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