Florida man dies after vape pen explodes, sends projectiles into his head

An autopsy confirmed that a man died from a vape pen exploding

An autopsy confirmed that a man died from a vape pen exploding

A 38-year-old should not be gone and his mother and I are devastated.

A former CNBC producer died after his e-cigarette exploded, penetrated his brain, and set a fire in his bedroom that left 45% of his body covered in burns.

In an incredibly weird twist, a 38-year-old Florida man has died due to what authorities are calling a "projectile wound of the head" which was caused by his vape device.

The vape pen was manufactured by Smok-E Mountain and is a "mod" type, according to the report.

The owner of Lizard Juice, an e-cigarette retailer in Florida, said he does not think such vaping pens are "safe enough". Tallmadge D'Elia's death is being called the first fatality linked to e-cigarettes, but officials still don't know exactly how it happened. The cite also lists safety tips that may help prevent e-cigarette explosions in certain circumstances. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, resulting in serious injuries.

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A recent report from FEMA and the U.S. Fire Administration found that e-cigarettes and vape pen explosions are not common - but when they do explode, the shape of the devices make them behave like "flaming rockets".

Experts fault the lithium ion batteries used in e-cigarettes.

A spokesperson for Smok-E Mountain told ABC affiliate WFTS that the problem had to do with the atomizer (the top piece you put in your mouth) or the battery. No concrete information has been released yet on the actual cause of the device's explosion. Treatment for chemical and thermal burns from e-cigarette explosions can lead to months or even years of painful treatment, and in some cases require bone grafts, skin grafts, and other reconstructive surgery.

The health effects related to the ingestion of e-cigarette vapor are still being studied by government agencies.

E-cigarette users are also recommended to buy their products from reliable sources and to follow the guidelines for use recommended by manufacturers.

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