Elon Musk's Boring Company will personally deliver your flamethrower

Elon Musk Brings New Details About The Underground LA Tunnels Project

Elon Musk Brings New Details About The Underground LA Tunnels Project

While the company has chiefly been in the news for its unique efforts to raise money by selling hats and flamethrowers, Elon sought to throw some light on the project's progress yesterday at a rare public appearance in a Boring Company Information Session in Los Angeles.

Musk specifically said that the plan is to offer rides that cost a $1 and carry up to 16 passengers through a tunnel network to small, parking space-size tunnels located across the city.

That's the promise of the Boring Company in a nutshell.

Musk originally said the flamethrowers would arrive by the spring.

Musk also imagined that the city's roads could become parks or gardens, and said the tunnels could be "almost like an autonomous, underground multi-level auto system".

The 150-metre (500ft) shaft, excavated by The Boring Company, "should be two miles [3.2km] long in three or four months", Musk said at the time.

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Another big stakeholder in the Boring project is Los Angeles's Metropolitan Transportation Agency.

The event comes two weeks after two Brentwood residents groups filed a lawsuit challenging the city of Los Angeles' decision to exempt a 2.7-mile "proof of concept" tunnel Musk plans to dig on the Westside from environmental reviews, significantly fast-tracking the project. The Hyperloop system would send pressurized pods through vacuum tubes, with a 30-minute transit time between L.A. and San Francisco.

Musk confessed that The Boring Company, which was created as an infrastructure and tunnel firm, faced "delivery challenges" when it came to shipping the devices loaded with propane but claimed to have found a solution by delivering the products in Boring Company delivery vans.

The plan calls for excavated soil to be compacted into concrete reinforcement segments for the tunnels, or turned into construction bricks. If the Boring Company wins all the regulatory go-aheads that are required, Musk's past record of hard-to-imagine achievements may be a big reason why.

He showed what the tunnels would look like in a test run done in the company's hyperloop chamber. Musk commented, "we're not suggesting this to the exclusion of other approaches".

"If you concentrate on it, if I can do that journey in about half-an-hour to an hour, I can do dozens of those a day and but a long-haul plane can exclusively make a type of flights a day", she informed the viewers. But although the entrepreneur has always been long on vision, the City of Los Angeles is a complex, sprawling place.

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