Judge orders 30-year-old son to move out of parents' home

Michael in court fighting his parent's eviction notices. Credit CNN

Michael in court fighting his parent's eviction notices. Credit CNN

Neither did the lure of independence, or the weight of his 30 years.

However, Justice Greenwood rejected the argument as "outrageous" and ruled in favour of Mark and Christina Rotondo. "I mean, that creates all kind of problems in the era of Airbnb".

Christina and Mark Rotondo are suing their unemployed son, Michael, in order to have him evicted from the house in Syracuse, the New York Post reports. Those notes followed discussions that began last October.

In a letter written five days later on February 18, Mr Rotondo's parents then offered him money so he could find a place to stay, and a list of suggestions about how he could afford to move out. Needless to say, if you thought your family was dysfunctional, you have nothing on the Rotondos. He tried to take the lectern up with him.

He also said his parents don't provide food or do his laundry for him.

Rotondo's parents and their attorney had no comment leaving court, but Rotondo provided some insight into the dynamic under their roof. At one point, he referred to them as "the petitioner".

As Rotondo's parents sat quietly in the court gallery, Rotondo appeared to crave the spotlight.

But Rotondo contends he is owed a six-month notice. And he praised Rotondo for his legal research.

"It wasn't hard", he said, adding that he had done "a brief search of the Internet for the removal of a family member from a home.it took minutes".

He said while he lived under the same roof as his parents, he did not speak to them.

Suffice to say the interview was awkward. Credit CNN
Suffice to say the interview was awkward. Credit CNN

"I want you out of that household", Greenwood told him, according to ABC News.

The case is being seen as an extreme example of a growing trend.

Rotondo told CNN's sister network HLN on Wednesday that he would love to leave as soon as possible - "I don't like living there" - but he was not able to do so immediately.

The couple live in Camillus in upstate NY. Things became adversarial, he said, and their relationship has suffered.

The judge also asked adult protective services to check on the case.

The parents filed an official eviction petition on May 7. Rotondo noted that microphones placed by the media were on the lawyer's lectern.

"Honestly, I'm not sure exactly how it ended".

"You only have one mom and dad, and I understand that you are probably more upset than you're letting on, but don't you want to reconcile with them?" A reporter told him that it sounded like he had "to vacate today".

Despite the outcome, Rotondo said his fight isn't over yet.

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