National day of Acton for Children: Pretests against separating immigrant families

Fact or Fiction: Are Democrats to Blame for the Law Requiring Families to Be Separated at the Border?

Fact or Fiction: Are Democrats to Blame for the Law Requiring Families to Be Separated at the Border?

-"Speechless. This is not who we are as a nation".

When Trump and officials claim that you should blame Democrats if you think these separations are inhumane, they are basically conceding the game here.

The photos were taken by The Associated Press in 2014, when President Barack Obama was in office.

These asylum-seekers are typically people who fear returning to their home country due to gang violence or other persecution.

Photos of recent mass arrests provided by one agent show migrants of all ages walking through willow groves along the Rio Grande or lined up in federal custody along the river levees, waiting to board government buses.

Detainees sleep and watch television in a holding cell where hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children were being processed and held at the CBP Nogales Placement Center on June 18, 2014.

The photos of the youths lying on a mat inside a wire cage began appearing online over the weekend after reports said the federal government "lost track" of almost 1,500 immigrant children at the end of 2017.

The Trump administration on Tuesday sought to blame Democrats for what it calls a "border crisis", claiming that Democrats were standing in the way of much-needed laws.

He is right about the misrepresentation, though it's not clear that many prominent Democrats jumped on this particular Twitter bandwagon.

"It must be nice you get to hug your child". Lost in Trump's "system". Based on US Citizenship and Immigration Services data, the credible fear passage rate was almost 80% in fiscal year 2017, which takes into account that these individuals are likely to be traumatized, unfamiliar with US law and have little English-language skills. "From Shining City to Evil Empire in under 500 days." - tweet Sunday by actor Jim Carrey.

Here's the issue: Neither case requires parents to be separated from their children.

To be sure, it's not the first time that undocumented parents are being separated from their children at the USA border.

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"These children are not "lost"; their sponsors - who are usually parents or family members and in all cases have been vetted for criminality and ability to provide for them - simply did not respond or could not be reached when this voluntary call was made". With more than 10,000 children in custody ... the program has grown vastly beyond its original intention.

Ivanka's tweet was published on the same day that former Republican Senator Rick Santorum told CNN that while the government doesn't know where the 1,500 children actually are, they're not technically lost.

In a call with reporters Tuesday, Trump officials said human smugglers abuse US law on asylum, as well as policies on how to handle families crossing the border together. Fifty-two had gone to live in different homes, 28 had run away and five had been deported.

The department could not verify the whereabouts of 1,475. "So the goal was to get kids out of the Border Patrol, into proper care by HHS, and then HHS is supposed to release them to the least restrictive setting, and in more than 80% of the cases, that was their parents who were already in the United States".

No. The number refers to children who came to the United States alone, referred by government officials as "unaccompanied alien children".

During the past year of the Obama administration, HHS was able to locate 85 percent of the minors or their sponsors, according to an inspector general's report. Rather, with the Trump administration's making opposition to immigrants a signature issue, the topic has become salient to partisan conflict in a way it wasn't before. In many cases, the story is that the Trump administration has separated those 1,500 children from their families at the US border and lost track of them.

"We're here today to protest the Trump/Pence administration's practice of separating asylum-seeking parents and their young children at the border, said Director of Advocacy and Public Policy for ACLU of Indiana Katie Blair".

The Trump administration insists that this is not a new policy.

Under the terms of the 1997 Flores settlement agreement, reached in connection with a suit against the federal government, migrant children can not be held in jail.

Earlier this month, Homeland Security Secretary Kristen Nielson ordered federal prosecution against anyone caught crossing the border illegally: Meaning that adults traveling with children are now being separated once they are detained because children can not be held in adult jails.

"We do place children here with people or parents who are here illegally", the official continued.

"These families are not trying to sneak in, they're coming to the borders, presenting themselves, and asking for our help", said California Congressman Jimmy Gomez at a rally Thursday in Los Angeles.

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