Porsche's first electric car will be called the Taycan

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

With regard to the special exhibition and Mission E's important part in it, Porsche said in its recent announcement that "the special exhibition will be accompanied by interactive experiences", including an augmented reality (AR) application for the Mission E.

That, if you haven't been paying attention to EVs, is some direct snark at Tesla.

"Taycan" refers to a "lively, young horse", explained CEO Oliver Blume at a Porsche 70th anniversary event June 8, a nod to the black horse reared up on its hind legs in the Porsche crest. At present, Porsche can comfortably steer anyone still unconvinced about the German automaker's ability to retain its race-won DNA in a new generation of all-electric cars towards the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid and say: Try me.

We've been waiting to hear what Porsche will call the production version of the Mission E electric auto and now we have it - Porsche Taycan.

By the end of 2019, Porsche plans to install at least 500 fast-chargers across the U.S. that will rival Tesla's Supercharger network, which consists of over 10,000 chargers worldwide.

And here we thought Porsche was slowly reverting to using numbers instead of those controversial names; when the current Boxster and Cayman were launched, Porsche added the 718 moniker.

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The Taycan is expected to go on sale late next year.

Although it's not due for reveal until 2019, ahead of arriving in showrooms in 2020, Porsche has already racked up thousands of test miles in mules that appear to be further advanced than regular cars at this stage of their development process.

Giving a vehicle both electric and gas engines is like building an athlete that can sprint like a 100-meter champ and then pull away like a miler. If you've even taken a close look at a Porsche emblem/crest, you've noticed the leaping steed that's been there since 1952. Still, previous suggestions have indicated a starting price in the region of $80-90k.

Porsche both needs electrification to comply with tougher emissions rules and is embracing the technology because it allows for sporty driving that dovetails with the brand, he said. Today, it has announced that it's doubling that investment. There'll also be an outlay on ramping up production.

Porsche is now revamping its Stuttgart plant, building a massive extension in order to prepare for electrification.

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