Millie Bobby Brown Deletes Twitter After Becoming a Homophobic Meme

Millie Bobby Brown Quits Twitter After People Make Fake Homophobic Memes About Her

Millie Bobby Brown Quits Twitter After People Make Fake Homophobic Memes About Her

Stranger Things child star Millie Bobby Brown has deleted her Twitter account after she found herself at the centre of a homophobic meme.

Internet users have also lifted Brown's social media posts, such as Snapchat photos, and photoshopped them with homophobic and racist captions.

Brown - who was born in Spain but spent her childhood years growing up in Bournemouth, England - was nominated for an Emmy Award for her role as telekenetic teenager Eleven in Stranger Things.

The hashtag was used to spread stories - many of them with outrageous details - falsely linking Brown to homophobia.

Other users and those who participated in creating these memes claimed to have met the actress and, with seemingly no evidence, accused her of being violent toward LGBTQ fans.

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"For those of you unfamiliar: the joke here seems to be that it's so wildly out of character and unbelievable for Millie Bobby Brown to act violently or intolerantly, that presenting her as such makes people laugh".

But rumours circulating mean that Brown might be getting paid as much as $350,000 per episode, meaning her salary matches that of Hollywood actress and castmate Winona Ryder. How low-class do you have to be to think using her image as a hate-filled meme is somehow a good idea?

The Stranger Things star wasn't the first celebrity to quit social media after experiencing bullying. While the account is active, nothing has been posted to it since December 12, 2017. It's so out of control that Brown deactivated her Twitter account.

And one said - with receipts - that "MILLIE BOBBY BROWN SUPPORTS LGBTQ+".

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