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Government forces make new gains in southwestern Syria Monitor

Government forces make new gains in southwestern Syria Monitor

Dozens of Syrians marched toward the frontier with the Israel-occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday fleeing the Syrian government offensive in southwestern Syria.

Large numbers of Syrian civilians have approached the Israeli border fence, seeking sanctuary from a Russian-backed al-Assad regime offensive.

Regime television also reported the transfers, broadcasting images of white buses they said were carrying the fighters, their blue curtains drawn, surrounded by military forces. On Sunday, the first batch of armed fighters and their families left the city of Daraa, the provincial capital, in buses that would take them to the rebel-held Idlib province in the north.

Separately, some 7,000 civilians were expected to be evacuated from two pro-government villages in northwestern Syria as part of a negotiated deal with insurgents who have besieged them for three years. According to Israel's Ynet news site, a group calling itself the "incendiary balloons and kites unit" has issued a statement refuting the Al Quds report.

In the west of the adjacent province of Daraa, Russian air raids also killed one civilian near the village of al-Aliya, the Observatory said.

Israel, which seized the Golan in the 1967 Middle East War, has given humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in encampments close to a 1974 Israeli-Syrian disengagement line.

By capturing the mountains that rise out of western Daraa's lowlands, the Syrian government and its allied militias are securing crucial vantage points for monitoring and striking at rebel forces positioned below, rebel commanders told Syria Direct.

The Assad regime now controls 61 per cent of the country's territory, according to the Observatory. Thomas said Israel is now the "last lifeline of Syrians suffering", in a video posted online Saturday.

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"We now are working on the logistical arrangements", said an Islamist rebel source familiar with the secret negotiations that Turkey was also involved in.

Within weeks, the Damascus-led campaign recaptured nearly the entirety of the province as rebel forces there either retreated or surrendered through reconciliation deals with the government.

Tel al-Mal "is a crucially important position that overlooks major areas of Daraa province", said al-Akhbariya a-Souriya reporter Rania Zaloum in the Wednesday video report.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been pressing Mr Putin to rein in Iranian and Iran-backed forces in Syria.

"We can do something to help people of Syria head in some form of shelter. both of us would be very interested in doing that", Trump said.

On Sunday, Syrian state media reported on an airstrike against the T-4 airbase in the Homs countryside, attributing it to the Israeli Air Force.

"However, if Iran and Israel get into a full-blown war that potentially threatens the Assad regime and/or forces Russian Federation to get involved", then this could jeopardize that situation, he said.

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