'Our boys are coming home;' Pence welcomes Korean War dead

U.S. Intel Reportedly Says North Korea is Building New Missiles As Trump Continues to Boast of Progress

U.S. Intel Reportedly Says North Korea is Building New Missiles As Trump Continues to Boast of Progress

A memorial ceremony was held at the Hawaii Hickam Air Force Base on Wednesday. The official did not know details about the single dog tag, including the name on it or whether it was even that of an American military member. "They seem to have figured out the engines, but not all the higher-tech stuff, and that might be what this is about", they said.

Kristen Duus is a spokeswoman for the DPAA and joins us now.

It was not the first time US intelligence clashed with the president's optimism.

DUUS: Absolutely. Our first step is once we get the remains into our laboratory, we have to inventory all of the remains.

The US State Department has said it is committed to building a peace mechanism in place of the armistice when the North denuclearises.

CHANG: I mean, these remains are decades old.

"Keep in mind that it's not necessarily the case that" the person identified in the dog tag will be among the remains but they're hopeful, he said. It depends on what the condition of - these remains are in. Many were buried either where they fell on the battlefield or near prison camps.

It also depends on how much remains we have of each service member.

"They dedicated their lives for the last 60 years finding out what happened to their fathers, what happened though those patriots, warriors who went to fight for us, for every generation of Americans", Hegseth continued. North Korea included "no other information that could help US forensics experts determine their individual identities", a defense official told the AP.

Live stream of Honorable Carry Ceremony to honor fallen Korean War heroes scheduled to start at 1:15 p.m. Hawaii time.

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CHANG: There's also the question of how many sets of remains there are. They could also talk about ways to ensure that fishermen operate peacefully along the Korean sea boundary, the site of several bloody naval skirmishes in recent years. But only 55 were turned over this time. About 33,000 coalition troops remain unaccounted for.

"I want to thank Chairman Kim in front of the media for fulfilling a promise that he made to me", Pence said, according to an account by CBS News. However, there is an uncertainty regarding the remains being truly American as sixteen other United Nations member countries fought alongside the USA during the war. However, this gesture of receiving these 55 cases to begin with is definitely historical and monumental.

The identities of the remains in the caskets returned Wednesday are unknown.

Vice President Mike Pence and the top commander of USA forces in Asia, Adm. Phil Davidson, formally received the remains contained in 55 caskets during an emotional and solemn ceremony Wednesday after they arrived by military cargo jets from South Korea.

Many US families have been waiting on closure for decades, not knowing what became of their loved ones.

DUUS: For the most part we have a lot of people with a lot of hope.

"We see today as tangible progress in our attempts to achieve peace [with North Korea], but today's just the beginning", Pence says.

Kim Do-gyun, the South's chief negotiator who is in charge of North Korea policy at the Ministry of National Defense, told reporters before leaving for the DMZ that he would make efforts to craft "substantive" measures to ease tensions and build trust.

CHANG: Army Sergeant First Class Kristen Duus is a spokeswoman for the DPAA.

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