Media Wrong; Trump Did Not Admit Anything New in Tweet

Mueller doesn’t need Trump’s testimony and other comments

Mueller doesn’t need Trump’s testimony and other comments

In one of a series of early morning tweets, the U.S. president issued in apparent reaction to a CNN report, Trump said: "Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower". This is not a routine thing politicians do to get information on their opponents.

He concluded by further distancing himself from the meeting his son arranged, writing, "I did not know about it!" Trump unleashed particular fury at reports that he was anxious about the Trump Tower meeting attended by Donald Trump Jr. and other senior campaign officials.

Emails released by Trump Jr also suggest the meeting was about getting negative information to use against Clinton in the campaign.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted an apparent response to stories by CNN and The Washington Post that said he is anxious about Donald Trump Jr.'s legal exposure following the infamous 2016 meeting.

He later admitted he accepted the meeting with Ms Veselnitskaya in hopes of obtaining damaging information on Mrs Clinton, but said nothing came of it.

A day later, the paper reported that Trump Jr. was promised damaging information about Clinton at the meeting.

Mr. Sekulow also said if Mr. Mueller were to subpoena Mr. Trump, the question over whether a sitting president could be subpoenaed by a special counsel would likely go before the Supreme Court since the question has never been tested in the courts.

The Post reported a few weeks later that Mr Trump Jr's initial misleading statement had been dictated by Mr Trump.

But at the time, the Trump administration broke from the president's story when it maintained the focus of the meeting was related to policies about adoption of Russian children.

It is illegal for campaigns to receive monetary or in-kind donations from foreigners and Trump Jr.'s willingness - and excitement - to meet with the Russian lawyer to receive political support from a foreign country could reveal an intent to do just that.

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Why is the Trump Tower meeting controversial?

The meeting is of interest to special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Trump and his son have both said then-candidate Trump had no advance knowledge of the meeting and that the meeting itself was not useful to the campaign.

"They're talking about this blue wave", Trump said referring to way Democrats are depicted on electoral maps.

Thus, the purported disconnect between President Trump's tweets and statements by others on his team does not exist.

"His legal team is concerned", Mr. Sekulow told ABC's "This Week" on Sunday. Now, in the face of that, President Trump had to change the message.

While candidates have traditionally feared an "October surprise" that could blow up their campaigns at the last minute, the growth of early voting means that bombshell news that hits anytime between September and November 6 could change the election outcome, said Capri Cafaro, who teaches in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at American University.

"I find it hard to believe the president will do the interview voluntarily", said David Kris, a former head of the national security division at the Justice Department.

"Emin just called and asked me to contact you with something very interesting", Goldstone wrote to Trump early June 2016.

It's unclear whether Trump's latest admission will affect Mueller's probe in any way.

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