White House raises white flag over John McCain tribute

Trump dinner Mc Cain comments

Trump dinner Mc Cain comments

John McCain, who died Saturday at 81 a year after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

McCain's family announced Monday that Whitehouse will be one of 15 pallbearers during Saturday's memorial at Washington National Cathedral. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Former Senator Joseph Lieberman will also speak.

Vice President Joe Biden, former Arizona attorney general Grant Woods, Raza Development Fund president Tommy Espinoza and two of his seven children will also offer tributes or Biblical readings.

"You think about those 60-plus years and everything he's done from his time served as a POW to all the years in the Senate, the things he's done here for the great state of Arizona - and to be able to do that in five or six minutes is extremely hard".

Fitzgerald is set to be one of six speakers at McCain's memorial on Thursday.

Since his death, world leaders and McCain's former colleagues in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, have shared their favorite memories of McCain, and extolled his status as a senior statesman on the world stage. Duyet ran the prison that kept McCain after his plane was shot down over Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Trump released an official statement on the death of the late senator two days after his death, and the White House re-lowered its flags to half-staff amid pubic pressure to keep them there until McCain's burial. The White House flag was eventually re-lowered, and shortly thereafter President Trump issued his first non-Twitter statement - almost 44 hours after McCain's death was reported. The flag atop the White House flew at half-staff over the weekend but was raised Monday and then lowered again amid criticism.

USA and Mexico Tentatively Set to Replace NAFTA With New Deal
He threatened to impose new taxes on Canadian auto imports to intensify pressure on Ottawa to a agree to deal to Trump's liking. Trump understood the simple math that countries with which we have trade deficits would have to come to the negotiating table.

The American Legion wrote a letter to Trump, urging for the White House flags to be lowered. That prompted many Americans to lower flags to half-staff, a traditional gesture of honor.

Mr Trump has now repeated this honour for Mr McCain, saying this recognised the "longstanding service" he had given. He will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol Building on Friday and will be buried at the U.S. Naval Academy on Sunday in a private service.

Republican senator John McCain was a national hero and an unrelenting critic of President Donald Trump. Trump tweeted about McCain after his death but has passed up several chances to comment publicly on the Arizona senator.

McCain was known for his temper and short fuse but, while he often got into tiffs with fellow senators, reporters, and others he usually would get over the disagreement and form a working relationship. "I like people that weren't captured", Trump said at a campaign event in Iowa in 2015. "But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake".

Instead, the president posted a brief tweet that did not praise McCain at all, writing: "My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain".

As McConnell spoke, McCain's desk sat draped in black crepe, topped with a vase of white roses.

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