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This is a financing offer with 0% April, so you're actually paying off the console and online services monthly over the course of two years.

It should be noted that those who exit the payment plan before making all their payments will have to pay off the remaining cost of the Xbox One console of their choice, according to Venture Beat. Microsoft says that there are no upfront costs involved and no matter the plan you choose, a brand-new Xbox One console is fully yours without any hassles of renting or leasing.

As I previously noted, the Xbox One S version of this subscription is particularly good, since you'll save about $130 over the lifetime of the subscription.

Microsoft is moving ahead with its plans to create an Xbox One subscription service that will go by the name of Xbox All Access.

While more details for the specifics around the programme aren't yet available, Venturebeat's report does call Xbox All Access a "limited-time offer" only for "qualified customers".

Getting the two monthly services with the higher-end Xbox One X console will cost $34.99 per month for two years, still a savings of about $20 over two years when factoring in the cost of all three items.

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There is also a fingerprint sensor that sits below the sensors, but it is placed oddly close to the camera setup. This render also shows that the front looks a lot like the, and the only changes noticeable are at the back.

In so many words, subscribing to Xbox All Access is an all-in-one way to buy a new Xbox console with a ton of games right out of the box. The contract length is 24 months and there's no interest charged at all, provided payments are made on time.

Xbox All Access isn't a leasing offer; it's primarily a financing one.

All new Xbox One S 1TB or Xbox One X consoles, including those packaged as a bundle with games, is available with Xbox All Access as well. After the two-year contract, subscribers will own their consoles.

There's no upfront cost, but to sign up, you'll have to be approved for a Dell Preferred Account. That said, one can still avail the subscription benefits by paying the cost of the chosen bundle upfront if paying via other payment methods. If you can get a regular post-paid mobile account with a financed phone, you should be able to get Xbox All Access. It hasn't stopped there either, with even more games continuing to build Microsoft's backward compatibility lineup and Game Pass offerings as the holidays draw near.

In any case, this is certainly an interesting approach to selling a console, and it does offer some flexibility in terms of how you pay.

Where is Xbox All Access available?

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