Chrissy Teigen Says Everyone Mispronounces Her Last Name

Prepare yourself for the truth

Prepare yourself for the truth

There are many pronunciations that are debated on a daily basis; do you say scone as in cone or scone as in gone?

This revelation came about after someone on Twitter shared how she just found out how to pronounce Grande's last name.

But the real problem is.

Well, it's these names which have sparked a discussion online, because as you'll see from the clip below of an interview Ariana had with Apple's Beats 1 radio station - Grande isn't how you think it sounds.

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The supermodel made the display hide on Sunday, September 16, after a Twitter person commented on the excellent pronunciation of Ariana Grande and identified that followers mispronounce Teigen's name, too.

But before you go forcing yourself to get used to this new way of life, mentally forcing yourself to undo what you once believed to be true, we have some good news for you! "I probably wanted to win some GRAMMYs and sell a lot of records, and all that started happening pretty quickly, but I never dreamed that I would be here, winning an Emmy, and being in that rare group of people that have won all four of these major [awards]". The 32-365 days-veteran says everyone publicizes her name contaminated, in conjunction with herself, which she acknowledges is "effed up".

The model's forthcoming approach to social media made her most recent tweet that much more surprising, when she revealed to her 10.7 million Twitter followers on Sunday that her last name is actually pronounced TIE-gen rather than TEE-Gen. "They can call me Janet and I won't". "I'm bored to loss of life in residing this lie", she said in the video. Imperfect advise? I'll eat it. Taxi going to the contaminated airport? "I'll change my flight", she continued while responding to another fan.

Well don't worry, apparently we all have - even her! After all, the model, mother, host, advocate, and author has encouraged the incorrect pronunciation.

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