GOP senators expect Kavanaugh FBI probe results soon

UB40 Want Nothing to Do With Brett Kavanaugh

UB40 Want Nothing to Do With Brett Kavanaugh

As lawmakers anticipated the report, three moderate GOP senators who could decide the conservative jurist's fate rebuked President Donald Trump for mocking one accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, by mimicking her responses to questions at last week's dramatic Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. He has denied the allegations.

Told reporters. "If you want people to be candid when they talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you ain't going to make that public".

US President Donald Trump is facing criticism from fellow Republicans after he mocked a woman who says she was assaulted by his Supreme Court nominee.

All 100 members of the United States Senate will be able to view a supplemental FBI background investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday, The Hill reported.

A final vote on the nomination could come Saturday.

The US Senate is expected to receive the FBI's report on allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, in the next few hours.

He told supporters in the town of Southhaven on Tuesday night that his political opponents had been "trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced". Flake has not said how he will vote if the nomination comes up this week. Their letter said, he "displayed a lack of judicial temperament that would be disqualifying for any court, and certainly for election to the highest court of the land".

Republicans hit back, saying Democrats were using yet another strategy to try and derail Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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Trump's comments about Ford reflected a growing frustration among some in the White House, and by the president, that her story has not received the same level of scrutiny as Kavanaugh's, said a person close to the process who was not authorized to speak publicly.

FILE - In this February 15, 2018, photo, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, left, are shown during a news conference at the Capitol in Washington.

Separately, Republican Senator Susan Collins of ME told reporters, "The president's comments were just plain wrong", and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said they were "wholly inappropriate and in my view unacceptable".

The Democratic senators accuse Republicans of mishandling confidential background investigation information, and call for Republican staff on the Judiciary Committee to correct what they say is an inaccurate statement in a tweet posted Tuesday that said "nowhere" in the prior background checks was there a "whiff of ANY issue-at all-related in any way to inappropriate sexual behavior or alcohol abuse". "'I don't remember, '" Trump said at the rally Tuesday in Southaven.

Ford testified that she could not remember the precise date or location of the alleged assault or how she got home afterward, but offered a detailed account of the incident itself in which she said a drunken Kavanaugh pinned her down, tried to remove her clothing and covered her mouth when she screamed. I don't remember. How'd you get there?

The White House insisted Trump was merely restating facts, although Ford had conclusively said the assault happened upstairs and remembered many other details vividly. I don't know. Where's the house? I don't know. I don't know.

"I don't know. I don't know", the President continued. Lawyers for PJ Smyth and Leland Ingham Keyser, who Ford says were at the house at the time of her attack, said their clients are cooperating with authorities.

Fischer has said she intends to support Kavanaugh, but added, "We're going to see what the investigation brings, and let's get the vote".

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