Brett Kavanaugh: Hundreds arrested in Supreme Court protest

Brett Kavanaugh said the US Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh said the US Supreme Court"must never be viewed as a partisan institution"More

USA senators, expected to vote Friday morning on the confirmation of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, are still highly divided along partisan lines over the results of a probe into allegations of sexual misconduct against the judge.

Hundreds of law professors have signed onto a letter urging the Senate to reject Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

If that vote passes, it could pave the way for a final vote as early as Saturday.

No Republicans have said they will vote against Mr Kavanaugh, although four have not committed to supporting him. Flake, a retiring senator and frequent thorn in the side of President Donald Trump, achieved a delay long enough for the FBI to reopen its background investigation of the nominee.

Earlier that day, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., along with several Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee all responded to the FBI's findings Thursday by saying that the scope of the probe into the sexual misconduct allegations against the nominee was not up to their liking. Feinstein also said attorneys for Ramirez, who's claimed Kavanaugh exposed himself to her when both were Yale freshmen, had no indication the Federal Bureau of Investigation had reached out to people she'd offered for corroboration.

Another GOP lawmakers who has publicly taken no stance, Susan Collins of ME, called the probe "a very thorough investigation" and said she'd read the documents later. Police have stepped up their presence in Capitol hallways, in some cases blocking news reporters and the public from approaching lawmakers.

A spokesman for Hassan declined to comment Wednesday night.

While the comments by Flake and Collins were positive, neither explicitly announced support for Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is a Roman Catholic who has said religion is an important part of his life.

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Republicans have a narrow 51-49 Senate majority, and vice president Mike Pence will be available to cast a tie-breaking vote.

Experts are split about whether the Kavanaugh uproar will fuel Republican or Democratic turnout, but Trump insisted that the "harsh and unfair" treatment of Kavanaugh by Democrats is having "an incredible upward impact on voters". In the short term he could provide the decisive fifth vote for a conservative majority on the nine-member court. The sharply partisan battle became an intense political drama when Ford and two other women emerged to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in the 1980s when he was in high school and college.

Kavanaugh stood by his performance during last week's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing at which he denied the misconduct allegations, made at the same hearing, of a California university professor.

He said Ford and Kavanaugh had an "opportunity to tell in a very detailed and comprehensive fashion the Senate their testimony" and that the administration was "fully confident after reviewing this information senators can be comfortable voting yes".

He added that his September 27 testimony reflected his "overwhelming frustration" at the accusations from Christine Blasey Ford and others.

"I know that my tone was sharp", he wrote, "and I said a few things I should not have said".

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh writes an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal addressing his emotional Senate testimony; WSJ panel weighs in on 'The Story'.

A week after a televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearing at which Kavanaugh and Ford transfixed the nation, the Capitol campus remained a stew of tension as the election-season cliff-hanger neared its conclusion. Their decision could make or break Kavanaugh's nomination.

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