Wall Street futures up after Democrats capture U.S. House

Border Protection agents take part in a training exercise at the U.S.-Mexico border Nov. 5 2018 in Hidalgo Texas

Border Protection agents take part in a training exercise at the U.S.-Mexico border Nov. 5 2018 in Hidalgo Texas

The outcome is a significant victory for Democrats after the party was locked out of power in Washington following the 2016 presidential election. Moscow denies meddling and Trump denies any collusion.

The House of Representatives, which reliably churned out hard-line immigration legislation, Obamacare repeal and steep cuts to social programmes under Republican rule - even though numerous bills died in the Senate - will now start offering up progressive priorities.

In the outgoing House, the Republicans had 235 seats while the Democrats 193.

Initial results spelled bad news for Republicans in Pennsylvania, with major Democratic wins in the governor's race, Senate race, and Penn's House district.

"We'll have a bipartisan marketplace of ideas that makes our democracy strong", she said.

"I feel confident we will win", House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said as the polls opened.

In the final stretch, Trump hardened his rhetoric on issues that appealed to his conservative core supporters, issuing warnings about a caravan of Latin American migrants headed to the border with Mexico and condemnations of what he called U.S. liberal "mobs". Historical patterns and current polling shows the majority party, the Republicans in this case, losing seats during a midterm election. Sweeping corporate tax cuts passed by the Republicans past year have supercharged earnings growth. The number of seats each USA state receives depends on its population size.

If Special Counsel Robert Mueller files his report into possible collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump 2016 presidential campaign in the coming days (weeks or months) and it contains damning information, that calculus could quickly change.

The Democrats who occupy those pickup seats will likely determine the Democratic agenda.

In the Senate, where Democrats were defending seats in 10 states that Trump won in 2016, Republicans ousted four incumbent Democrats: Bill Nelson in Florida, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota and Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

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With their majority, Democrats will decide what legislation is considered in the chamber and have a bigger role in setting spending policy and writing legislation.

For Republicans, the loss of one chamber of Congress was somewhat blunted by a better-than-expected performance in the Senate. Several have history making potential, especially in Florida where Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat, is trying to become the state's first African-American governor in an ill-tempered duel with former Rep. Ron DeSantis, a Trump favorite.

"It's not about Democrats and Republicans at this point", she told volunteers in Pima County. Some 35 Senate seats were in play, as were nearly 40 governorships and the balance of power in virtually every state legislature. GOP House leadership elections are on track to to take the week after the midterm elections.

Donning a denim jacket and a two Trump buttons, Christian Petrillo, joined the room in a raucous cheers as College Republicans burst into loud applause at the prospect of Cruz's re-election.

Many Democrats are counting on anti-Trump fervours to drive their base to the polls, but some advocate ignoring the politics of personal destruction and zeroing in on policy debates. In the past, presidents who have lost the House have appeared apologetic. Fully 50 House Republicans chose to get out of dodge, leave for the Trump administration or running for other office in the last two years.

Democrats performed well in the race for the House, a sprawling battlefield set largely in America's suburbs where more educated and affluent voters in both parties have soured on Trump.

Republicans entered the night commanding the Senate only narrowly, 51-49.

A Yarmuth-led Budget Committee also would seek to tamp down the deficit by restoring some of the tax cuts that have been Trump's signature first-term accomplishment.

Investors often favor Washington gridlock because it preserves the status quo and reduces uncertainty, even though many investors this time around had been hoping for a continuation of the Republican agenda.

The new Democratic majority will include the youngest congresswoman ever elected, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY; two of the three first Native American congresswomen, from Kansas and New Mexico; and the two first Muslim congresswomen.

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