Lion Air plane hits lamp post trying to takeoff

The sister of Hizkia Jorry Saroinsong a passenger on the Lion Air flight carries her brother's portrait during his funeral in Jakarta

The sister of Hizkia Jorry Saroinsong a passenger on the Lion Air flight carries her brother's portrait during his funeral in Jakarta

The order is reportedly still in place but the airline is monitoring the outcome of an investigation by Indonesian authorities into the crash to see if any recommendations are made for changes to be made to the aircraft.

KNKT said that there was a problem with the sensor on the last flight taken by the doomed plane, from the island of Bali to Jakarta, even though one sensor had been replaced in Bali.

Boeing has issued a new warning to all pilots flying its 737 MAX aircraft, the model of the recently crashed Lion Air flight JT610 from Jakarta, Indonesia. "Safety is the top priority at Southwest, and we will continue to work closely with Boeing and the FAA to maintain the integrity of our fleet and validate our operating practices". The FAA said it was mandating that airlines follow the Boeing bulletin. If the flow is disrupted by a plane going too slow or climbing too steeply, that can cause an aerodynamic stall and a plane will plummet.

The warning is based on based on preliminary findings from last week's crash of one of the planes off the coast of Indonesia, said the person, who asked not to be named discussing details that are still confidential. The Boeing 737 MAX is a more fuel-efficient version of the manufacturer's best-selling single-aisle 737 series.

Erratic speed and altitude on the plane's previous flight, from Denpasar on Bali to Jakarta, were reported and "when we opened the black box, yes indeed the technical problem was the airspeed or the speed of the plane", National Transportation Safety Committee chairman Soerjanto Tjahjono told a news conference.

Representatives for the FAA's aircraft certification service confirmed that airlines will have three days after receiving the AD to revise the certificate limitations chapter of their 737 MAX aircraft flight manuals.

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"On November 6 2018, Boeing issued an operations manual bulletin (OMB) directing operators to existing flightcrew procedures to address circumstances where there is erroneous input from an AOA sensor".

On that October 28 flight, from Bali to Jakarta, the pilot's and copilot's sensors disagreed by about 20 degrees.

The bulletin says: "In the event of erroneous AOA data, the pitch trim system can trim the stabilizer nose down in increments lasting up to 10 seconds".

The angle of attack is incredibly important. But the urgency of a fatal accident can trigger a flurry of such notices. An issue arose in 2016 at Rostov-on-Don Airport in Russia when a FlyDubai 737-800 nosed over and slammed into the runway at a steep angle, according to an interim report by Russian investigators.

He said the pilot had landed the plane safely on that occasion.

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