Apple admits iPhone X 'ghost touch' screen issue, offers free fix

Alexa show me what unconscionable glee looks like

Alexa show me what unconscionable glee looks like

Taking note of the issue, Apple conducted an investigation of its own and has now concluded it was indeed true and has initiated a free replacement programme across the world for the affected iPhone X owners.

Also if the display reacts even though it was not touched, indicates that there is a problem with the touch component on the iPhone X's display.

Apple said that on some iPhone X devices, display screens are experiencing touch issues. Though do keep in mind that only the iPhone X is eligible for the free replacement and no other model.

Users on online forums had complained that their phone was making "random clicks" when they weren't interacting with it, or that it unexpectedly stopped responding.

On its support page for the problem, Apple said it will replace the display module on eligible devices, free of charge. The support page for this issue lets you enter your device's serial number to check if you're eligible for the fix program.

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These changes are expected to help Apple and Amazon have more control over the pricing and inventory of Apple products.

Two of Apple's most popular products over the past year could be subject to some rather nasty malfunctions according to the company.

In 2017, The iPhone X was hailed as the most revolutionary device Apple had released in nearly a decade.

Apple hadn't previously responded to reports of problems with iPhone X screens despite thousands of complaints online, these are also products that Apple is asking consumers to pay a premium price for. The issue affects MacBook Pros without a Touch Bar sold between June 2017 and June 2018. An additional source of angst was Apple's decision to stop reporting the unit sales of phones, given that its long-term focus is shifting toward service-based revenue and away from hardware. Once again if you are sending the impacted MacBook Pro for service, backup your data as the drive will be erased as part of the service process.

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