"Crazy, Wrecking Ball": US Senators Blast Saudi Prince Over Khashoggi

RAND'S STAND: Sen. Paul Warns of 'Growing Deep State' After Being Blocked from CIA Briefing

RAND'S STAND: Sen. Paul Warns of 'Growing Deep State' After Being Blocked from CIA Briefing

Amid criticism from Ankara over Saudi Arabia's lack of cooperation with the Turkish investigation, the official said Riyadh could "address those concerns" over its commitment to probing the murder by extraditing all the suspects to Turkey.

Graham said the United States should come down like a "ton of bricks" on the Saudis, adding that he can no longer do business with Saudi Arabia and "cannot support arm sales to Saudi Arabia" if the "crazy" crown prince is still running the country.

But two key senators from Trump's own Republican party said Tuesday that a briefing by the CIA's director had strengthened their conviction that Prince Mohammed directed the murder.

Lawmakers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee used a nomination hearing on Tuesday that included Christopher Henzel, a career diplomat tapped to be next ambassador to Yemen, to vent their frustrations about the Trump administration over its relationship with Saudi Arabia. Sen.

The senators--Republicans Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Todd Young, along with Democrats Dianne Feinstein, Ed Markey, and Chris Coons--make clear this is a message about the USA standing up for "who we are and what we believe".

He also said: "There's not a smoking gun, there's a smoking saw".

Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and columnist for The Washington Post, went missing after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in early October.

Republican Sen. Richard Shelby said he wouldn't rule out supporting the resolution this time when it comes up for a full vote.

Trump has equivocated over who is to blame for the killing, frustrating senators who are now looking for ways to punish the longtime Middle East ally.

Trump expected to pick Heather Nauert for United Nations ambassador
Haley, a rising star in the Republican Party, is often mentioned as a possible candidate for the 2020 presidential elections. Trump told reporters last month that Nauert was "excellent", adding, "She's been a supporter for a long time".

Khashoggi's killing prompted worldwide outrage over Saudi Arabia's heavy-handed tactics and renewed attention to the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

It's unclear whether or how that resolution will move forward.

As Common Dreams reported, the Senate last week advanced Sen.

They took the stand after receiving a Central Intelligence Agency briefing on the matter. Human rights groups say the war is wreaking havoc on the country and subjecting civilians to indiscriminate bombing. However, U.S. President Donald Trump has made it clear that the country will not target the prince himself.

Saudi authorities said the agents who killed Khashoggi exceeded their authority. "But since I have such respect for them, I'm going to assume they are being good soldiers ..."

Murphy noted that the debate would have to kick over into next year regardless of whether the Senate passes the resolution, as House Republicans are unlikely to approve it while they remain in the majority before January.

"She didn't tell them anything that (Mattis and Pompeo didn't say)", the Texas Republican said, "so any senator who wants the information has had access to it".

MIT specifically has received at least $4 million from Saudi Aramco, the data showed, along with $73 million in private donations from Mohammed Abdul Jameel, a Saudi businessman who graduated from MIT in 1978 and supports research in areas including poverty and education. He was not in Haspel's briefing, which was attended by a select number of committee chairs and top-ranking Democrats.

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