Here's What Africans Searched For On Google In 2018

Was The Second Most Searched Topic In The World For 2018 Dec 12 2018

Was The Second Most Searched Topic In The World For 2018 Dec 12 2018

There's really no better way to recap the past year than to go back over what people were busy typing into search engines as our planet made its way around the sun.

From sport to referenda, the Irish public took to Google with a wide range of searches in 2018.

Staying with sport, November's rugby match between Ireland and New Zealand also gripped the nation, coming in at number seven.

Lovato also landed the No. 9 spot in the top 10 overall searches. The two grand slams replaced two WWE events from 2017 as WrestleMania and Royal Rumble slipped out of the list in 2018.

Trump attacks Paris climate agreement, cites Yellow Vest protests
The climbdown marked a major departure for a president who had vowed, unlike predecessors, not to be swayed by mass protests. Shops along the Champs-Elysees and central department stores stayed shut with their windows boarded up to avoid looting.

Nigeria's main opposition leader, Atiku Abubakar, the late actresses Tosyn Bucknor and Aisha Abimbola are among the most searched people.

What changed? The biggest change is that for some related searches, Google will show you a featured snippet as opposed to just taking you directly to the search results page for that query. Black Panther searches made it at the very top too.

Among the most popular Google search terms of 2018 were Stan Lee and Black Panther (which were ranked the fourth and fifth most popular searches of the year respectively) - terms Marvel fans will easily recognize.

For the USA food search, unicorn cake topped the charts, while Fortnite snatched both the U.S. video game and GIF categories. While these always reflect the state of the world over the course of the year, in this case the list of trending searches range from joyful to very, very sad - we've had a rollercoaster of a year.

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