Manafort filing reveals alleged campaign communications with Russian operative

Paul Manafort’s botched court filing shows he colluded with an alleged Russian intelligence asset

Paul Manafort’s botched court filing shows he colluded with an alleged Russian intelligence asset

Kilimnik had spent a decade working as a translator and fixer for Manafort's political consulting business in Ukraine.

He also shared polling data related to the 2016 presidential campaign with Kilimnik, Manafort's legal team acknowledges in their court filing.

The filing did not indicate whether the polling information involved internal campaign data or when exactly it was provided.

Gates was instructed by Manafort to have Kilimnik pass the data along to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, the source told the Times.

The latest allegations further detail how Manafort's work on the campaign intersected with his past worldwide work with Mr Kilimnik.

The special counsel's office declined to comment Tuesday. This is a common error in court filings, cleaned-up confidential government documents intended for release, and releases under various countries' freedom of information acts.

"If he needs private briefings we can accommodate", Manafort wrote.

Kilimnik has told The Washington Post he was in close contact with Manafort through the campaign and met with Manafort in the United States in May and in August 2016.

While some of the redacted information was not a big deal, there was one section of the failed redaction that appears to shed light on Mueller's understanding of Manafort's roll in the 2016 presidential election. Those areas included the polling data as well as a meeting in Madrid and discussions of a Ukrainian peace plan.

The proposal would have paved the way for the United States to lift sanctions on Russian Federation, a top foreign policy goal of the Kremlin. During a proffer meeting with prosecutors on September 11, Manafort told investigators "he would have given the Ukrainian peace plan more thought" had he not been working on Trump's campaign at the time. And in a text message, he authorized another person to speak with a White House official on May 26, they alleged. "This does not constitute outreach by Mr. Manafort to the President", a redacted line in the filing claims, while another redacted sentence says another identified interaction is "hearsay purportedly offered by an undisclosed third party".

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The former Trump campaign chief's lawyers said their client has been suffering from gout, anxiety and depression and that he never purposely lied to them during his 12 interview sessions with the special counsel and other prosecutors. While details are scarce, this certainly raises the question of whether the Trump campaign as such was covertly discussing policy and providing campaign analysis to the Russians at precisely the time the Russians were intervening in the election on behalf of Trump.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered the government to provide a detailed factual basis about Manafort's lies, which is due January 14.

Defense lawyers say that even though they don't believe Manafort intentionally made false statements, they're not requesting a hearing on the government's allegations. He pleaded guilty previous year to conspiracy charges in Washington and faces sentencing in a separate case in Virginia, though none of the charges are directly concerned with the alleged collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

Manafort is scheduled to be sentenced on February 8 for his Virginia jury convictions for bank and tax fraud.

For the two charges he now faces in DC federal court, Manafort could receive 17 to 22 years in prison, his plea agreement says. In return, prosecutors said they would consider asking the judge for leniency at his eventual sentencing.

Manafort has been confined to the jail in Alexandria, Virginia.

Under the agreement with prosecutors in his D.C. case, Manafort also was ordered to forfeit an estimated $15 million he hid from the IRS, but was permitted to keep some property held with relatives.

Prosecutors said Manafort also lied about the circumstances of a $125,000 wire transfer in 2017.

Manafort will not ask for a hearing regarding the prosecution's accusations, according to the filings.

In the public portion of the 10-page document, filed in Washington federal court, Manafort's lawyers wrote that their client couldn't remember or incorrectly recalled specific events from his past dealings with Kilimnik.

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