Giuliani Clarifies Comments About Trump Tower Moscow Project

Donald Trump had conversations about the Moscow project with lawyer Michael Cohen in 2016 according to Rudy Giuliani

Donald Trump had conversations about the Moscow project with lawyer Michael Cohen in 2016 according to Rudy Giuliani

Last week Giuliani said people linked to Trump may have colluded with Russian Federation, without the president's knowledge.

After the report was released Thursday, Mueller spokesman Peter Carr issued a statement disputing the story.

Journalist Carl Bernstein, a CNN political analyst, told Stelter on Sunday that he thought it was "going to take time before we fully understand what the exact truth is here".

When Trump responded to Mueller's interview questions in writing previous year, he told the special counsel he couldn't say definitely when the Moscow Trump Tower negotiations collapsed, Giuliani said.

Over the weekend Giuliani appeared on multiple cable news shows to declare "so what?" if Trump had spoken with Cohen before testifying.

That was an apparent reversal from Wednesday's television appearance in which he said, "I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign".

Giuliani's remarks were an attempt at damage control after comments he made a day prior when he said the talks about the Moscow project continued through the campaign, even possibly as late as October or November 2016.

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The Washington Post reported Saturday that Mueller's office was then blindsided by details in the BuzzFeed report, including the assertion that Cohen told the special counsel that Trump instructed him to lie to Congress.

Warner added, "I would think most voters - Democrat, Republican, independent, you name it - that knowing the Republican nominee was actively trying to do business in Moscow, that the Republican nominee at least at one point had offered, if he built this building, Vladimir Putin, a free-penthouse apartment, and if those negotiations were ongoing up until the election, I think that's a relevant fact for voters to know".

At the time, Cohen told members of Congress that the deal never progressed beyond an initial "letter of intent" and it was halted in January 2016, before the Iowa caucuses.

Giuliani responded that Trump "answered those questions fully, and I think to the satisfaction of the special counsel".

The Moscow deal ultimately did not materialize, but Giuliani's remarks suggest that Trump's discussions about the project with Cohen may have dragged on until the election, raising new questions for congressional investigators looking into possible ties between the president and Russian Federation.

In the interview with NBC, Giuliani also suggested talks may have lasted throughout the presidential campaign, all the way to November. In December, on ABC's "This Week", Giuliani seemed to reference Trump's written responses to Mueller and said the conversations about the proposed Moscow project might have gone as far as the tail end of the general election period.

"According to the answer that he gave, it would have covered all the way up to - covered up to November, 2016". "Said he had conversations with him - but the President didn't hide this".

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