New twist in Ariana Grande 'barbecue grill' tattoo saga

Ariana Grande’s Palm Tattoo No Longer Says BBQ Grill In Japanese – Check Out The Fixed Version!

Ariana Grande’s Palm Tattoo No Longer Says BBQ Grill In Japanese – Check Out The Fixed Version!

Grande also included a screenshot of a conversation she had with her tutor, who advised the singer to add the character for finger "指" above and in the middle of the "barbecue grill" text.

Sadly, Ari's ink problems still may not be over... as it turns out, her updated work might have an even sillier meaning now than before.

Ariana Grande has made a correction to her Japanese tattoo after a mistranslation meant it mistakenly referenced a barbecue, but many believe the fix is still incorrect.

One day later, her opinion seems to have changed. The tattoo consisted of two Japanese characters which translated to 7 rings.

Grande previously explained that she'd left out characters from the initial tattoo because the inking process "hurt like f**k" and she couldn't sit through the entire session. It actually read "七輪", which translates to "shichirin" or small charcoal grill in English. I wouldn't have lasted one more symbol lmao.

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Ariana Grande might have no tears left to cry, but she has some jokes left to make regarding her recent tattoo debacle. Apparently, Grande took no offense since she recruited him for the remix. She also unveiled a new line of merchandise to go with the single's release.

'Slightly better. Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix it and to @kanenavassard for being such a legend.

More, this wouldn't be the first time Grande's had to fix a tattoo.

The Boca Raton singer posted a video on Instagram Thursday with the fixed tattoo and thanked tattoo artist Kane Navasard. "Miss u man. i actually really like u", the "Sweetener" star quipped in an Instagram Story with a shot of some new symbols scrawled on her palm.

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