'These crabby cats are survivors' - Fluffy the frozen cat remarkably cheats death

Frozen, unresponsive cat brought back to life by vets

Frozen, unresponsive cat brought back to life by vets

A Montana cat named Fluffy was found frozen and buried in snow by her owners this week - and brought back to life by a team of veterinarians.

A cat that appeared to be frozen solid somehow recovered after being treated at a Montana animal clinic.

Dr. Jevon Clark, who works at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, told ABC News when they brought Fluffy to the clinic her temperature was so slow it didn't even register on a thermometer - with a bottom range of 90 degrees. According to the vet, cats' temperatures are normally around 101F.

They used warm water, hair dryers, heated towels, and a heated kennel to get her body temperature back to normal.

The clinic wrote on Facebook her temperature was low but had recovered after she was thawed for many hours and was now completely normal.

She has eight lives left, but Fluffy is very lucky to be alive.

The owners came home early last Thursday to find Fluffy had been crusted onto a hard-packed snowbank, as though the cat had been sitting in one spot for a long time while the blowing snow drifted up around it. Some clients found their injured cat buried in snow.

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"She's crouched down looking like she's hunting something or something's in the snow bank", Clark said.

The clinic knew Fluffy would survive once they heard growling.

"She was essentially frozen", said Andrea Dutter, executive director, reportedly.

Dutter said that Fluffy is three years old and had always been an outdoor cat, but a couple who had recently moved to the area chose to take her in.

Dr Clark said Fluffy was three years old and had always lived outdoors.

Fluffy's owners will keep her inside after her wild adventure.

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