YouTube loses Hasbro, AT&T as brands flee pedophile problem

Epic Games  YouTube

Epic Games YouTube

YouTube has said that content accompanied by inappropriate comments from other users could be demonetised by the platform. The samples should by Watson are so vile, that any simple machine learning algorithm should have set the alarm ringing in YouTube security team room.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, said in the last 48 hours it had taken an aggressive approach, beyond its normal protections, to disable comments and it had terminated more than 400 channels due to comments left on videos.

He said compounding the issue was how easy it was to find new videos of young children in compromising positions thanks to YouTube's recommendation algorithms.

The latest allegations surfaced on Wednesday, when a YouTube vlogger claimed that paedophiles were latching onto innocuous videos of children and objectifying them in the comments section. "There's something else entirely to be done, and we keep on attempting to improve and catch abuse more quickly".

The decision by YouTube was spurred by major advertisers, such as Disney and Nestle, pulling advertising from the platform.

The subtleties originate from YouTube's maker outreach team in response to a video from commentator Philip DeFranco published yesterday evening.

In a statement to FOX Business, a YouTube spokesperson said it took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels as well as reporting illegal activity to authorities.

USA telco AT&T said it had removed ads until YouTube could "protect our brand from offensive content of any kind".

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In the memo, YouTube has described how it is trying to protect children as major companies including Disney, Epic Games, AT&T, Nestle have pulled their ads from the platform.

A spokesperson for YouTube said this week that the company had removed hundreds of accounts linked to commenters on the videos in question.

"Videos of children showing their exposed buttocks, underwear and genitals are racking up millions of views on YouTube-with the site displaying advertising from major cosmetics and vehicle brands alongside the content", Wired UK wrote.

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has since chose to pull pre-roll ads from the platform until the issue is resolved. More often than not, viewers will have the option to "skip ad' after 5 seconds, whereas some videos force viewers to sit through the howl thing".

The furor over the child videos is a fresh blow to YouTube's reputation for policing sensitive content.

Google does not specify its revenue from YouTube.

Comments under the videos suggested potential predators were bookmarking certain points and sharing them with others.

Content creator Matt Watson recently posted on Reddit about his discovery of YouTube's facilitation and monetization of the sexual exploitation of children.

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