SanDisk, Micron unveil 1TB microSD cards

1TB MicroSD

1TB MicroSD

The Western Digital-owned brand further says, "Designed to help move tons of high-quality content faster than ever, the 1TB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSD card reaches speeds up to 160MB/s". I guess someone should tell the guys at SanDisk and Micron that the world is now preferring cloud storage over local storage. That means you're going to want a microSD card with plenty of storage, and one that's super quick, too.

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The 1TB ($449.99) and 512GB ($199.99) SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSD cards will be available for pre-order on, and at select retailers, starting in April 2019. To account for this, Micron and Western Digital (through its SanDisk subsidiary) announced the industry's very first 1-terabyte capacity microSD storage cards for consumers. The 1TB card will cost $450, while its 512GB sibling will set you back $200. And it uses the SD Association's A2 specification to get apps launched quickly, so you'll be that much faster booting up your digital version of Smash Bros. The association revealed the product during MWC 2019, and it's calling it the "fastest memory card for mobile devices". The storage solution follows the A2 specification for launching and loading apps, with a claimed performance output of 400 IOPS (read) and 2000 IOPs (write), however, the results may vary based upon capabilities of the host device. When it comes to maximum write speeds, the SanDisk reach 90 MB/s, while Micron beats it with 95 MB/s. There are a ton of possibilities with this amount of storage in your smartphone, but if you aren't a heavy multimedia customer, you will probably pass it for the next few years, especially with the premium price tag.

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