R. Kelly's alleged victim calls heated CBS interview an act

Chicago Illinois. Kelly was being held after turning himself in to face ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse

Chicago Illinois. Kelly was being held after turning himself in to face ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse

Savage, 23, said she's in love with the 52-year-old singer, and is happy. She said her parents wanted her to do these things for the objective of blackmailing the singer.

He was dressed in sweatpants and told her that he was going to change into a suit.

"And can you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people don't look alike?" she added.

She also revealed that before she and Kelly sat down in front of the CBS camera crew, she went to his apartment in Trump Tower Chicago to meet him.

On the same day that Kelly's interview aired, he was arrested for failing to pay child support to ex-wife Andrea Kelly. Kelly told King he does not have sex with underage girls or keep women in a so-called "sex cult". Kelly has maintained his innocence.

King said she expected "some level of. contrition" from R. Kelly, and was "troubled" by his behavior in the interview. "Gossip sells. Rumors are what sell".

Both women's parents appeared in "Surviving R. Kelly" and say the pair are being controlled by the singer.

The most emotional segment shared from King's interview so far was her discussion with Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, Kelly's "girlfriends". "These are absolute lies fabricated by R. Kelly and we have evidence to show that these claims are bogus".

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images
Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

Only problem is, that wasn't King who interviewed Smollett. "That is not the daughter I raised".

"I knew that", Watters responded, before covering his head in embarrassment.

"When he started screaming, it terrified me", McGee said of watching Kelly's CBS interview. I've never asked for any monies from R. Kelly.

Savage's account is similar to comments Kelly made in his explosive interview with King, which aired Wednesday. He said, "I didn't go looking for a Joycelyn Savage".

Kelly also reportedly attempted to stop her interview with his girlfriends, asking members of her crew if he should interrupt, but he ultimately never did.

She saved the interview by remaining seated, maintaining eye contact, and giving him a moment to calm down.

"I call them prison calls because I can tell that someone is listening to the calls. Could you please just share that?' Yes I did". "You know, that just defies logic".

Kelly told King that Timothy Savage brought his daughter to one of Kelly's concerts in 2015 and that's how their relationship began. I said I don't want to sit down with him if he is going to lawyer up.

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