Trump ex-campaign chief Manafort indicted for mortgage fraud

Trump’s ex campaign chairman jailed for fraud

Trump’s ex campaign chairman jailed for fraud

Vance's charges are at the state level, and allege that Manafort committed residential mortgage fraud, attempted residential mortgage fraud, conspiracy and falsification of business records.

Mr. Trump on Wednesday described the Manafort situation as "sad", but added that he wasn't familiar with the NY charges. Presidential pardons extend to federal, not state, crimes.

The decision last week by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III to sentence Manafort to 47 months stunned many who'd been following the case, given both the guideline calculation of 19.5 to 24 years in prison and the fact that the defendant was convicted of hiding millions of dollars from the IRS in undisclosed foreign bank accounts.

After Manafort was sentenced by Judge Ellis last week, the president falsely tweeted that Ellis and Manafort's lawyer "stated loudly and for the world to hear" that Trump didn't collude with Russian Federation.

She added 43 months to the 47 months he already received, making the total 90 months.

Manafort's hair is now mostly gray, and he reviewed documents in court ahead of the judge's ruling.

Manafort is one of the 34 people and three companies charged by Mueller. (Ellis only said that collusion did not factor into Manafort's sentence.) On Wednesday, Manafort's lawyer again claimed there was "no collusion", which, again, was not relevant to the charges for which Manafort was sentenced.

The additional time is related to charges of witness tampering and foreign laundering. "While I cannot change the past, I can work to change the future", Manafort said from a wheelchair, turning to face Jackson.

Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in the Washington, D.C., case in order to avoid a trial past year.

Manafort's team said even though Manafort failed to register as a foreign agent, he did communicate with U.S. State Department officials in Kiev in 2013, suggesting that the government at least had some awareness of what he was doing. In the past, Trump has tweeted about how poorly he felt Manafort was being treated. He was indicted on conspiracy charges last summer.

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Manafort pleaded guilty in an agreement with Mueller's team to fully cooperate with the Russian Federation probe, but Jackson ruled he violated the terms of the plea deal by lying to investigators.

In sentencing memos to Jackson, prosecutors did not ask for a specific term to be imposed but urged it be enough to deter Manafort and others from committing similar crimes.

At the same time, he said he hoped Manafort would use his time behind bars to reflect on his behavior. Manafort, though, was credited with nine months time served.

"I pledge to do all I can to accelerate the healing process", he said.

Trump has called Mueller's investigation a "witch hunt", and Manafort's lawyers have argued that this case does nothing to prove that the campaign conspired with Russian Federation.

The possibility of a presidential pardon - a prospect Trump has not ruled out - will likely continue to hang over the Manafort situation, lawyers said.

Manafort himself was less combative. "Let me be very clear, I accept the responsibility for the acts that caused me to be here today".

"I believe that is not reflective of someone who has learned a harsh lesson".

Paul Manafort has been charged in a new criminal case not even an hour after learning his prison sentence for federal crimes. "For that, I am remorseful".

The judicial analyst said that although Manafort's judge made an effort to show compassion to him and defended him as "not a public enemy", she was irritated that he insisted that he was not guilty and that he was only in her court because of the special prosecutor.

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