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Google release first Android Q beta here are some of the key features

Google release first Android Q beta here are some of the key features

Last night, Google dropped the first beta of the upcoming version of its mobile operating system - Android Q. While it's just available for the Google Pixel (all generations) owners to try out, it's packed with promising features - especially for photography enthusiasts.

Android Q Beta 1 is now available for early adopters along with a preview SDK for developers.

Basically, Google has done a lot to Android's software guts which promise to make it more capable and slicker to use.

With Android Q, there's now a dedicated Privacy section in the settings app.

Bonito and Sargo are the codenames for the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite phones created to get Pixel phones into the mid-range market - a more affordable Pixel. Google is also restricting app access to sensitive information like a device's serial number, IMEI, etc., in Android Q.

This version of the operating system is therefore meant for developers to get their software running on the new platform ahead of general release. It will offer beta updates on the compatible Pixel devices. Here's a rundown on the new Android Q APIs you need to know about. Shawn also likes to spend countless hours on social media to hunt the latest news from the biggest technology companies, so that his reports are as fresh as possible.

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I enrolled for the Android P beta, do I need to do it again?

One of the coolest features that Android Q beta introduces is a hidden emergency button. Google says that it has made improvements to help app developers take advantage of the foldable screen devices.

If you wonder when your device will receive the official Android Q, no one on the planet can tell you that because the final version of Q doesn't exist, and until Google publishes the AOSP version of Q (sometime during the summer), no manufacturer can really start implementing the new version across their portfolio. This theme changed the colors of some parts of the interface such as the Quick toggles or the background of the drawer app and folders and was activated by a settings item. Also interesting is the apparent absence of a fingerprint sensor, a sign that Google could opt for a reader integrated in the display.

Any app that received the permission to access the user's contacts will only get non-ranked contacts going forward. This release is mainly to give developers a chance to begin testing apps against the new Android API features. Instead of allowing apps to pull in location data at pretty much any given time, the new option lets users define whether it can be always shared, never shared, and somewhere in between. Even when you have an app from the OEM, it's likely you had to access device settings somewhere along the way. Android Q will support multi-resume and notify apps when they are in focus.

The Android Q beta also brings new audio and video codecs.

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