Burger King US tests plant-based meat with an Impossible Whopper

Burger King tests meatless ‘Impossible Whopper’	 	 	 			Burger King is testing out a meatless version of the Whopper

Burger King tests meatless ‘Impossible Whopper’ Burger King is testing out a meatless version of the Whopper

The "Impossible Burger" is plant-based and will be tested out at 59 locations in and around St. Louis.

Vegetarian burgers may finally be getting the recognition they need to go mainstream. "It's definitely a milestone for Impossible Foods", Fernando Machado, Burger King's global chief marketing officer, said, adding that 90 percent of those who try the new product can not differentiate it from a regular Whopper.

Burger King's "whopper" of a contribution to the meatless fast food landscape is, at least for now, still theoretical.

One potential barrier to the Impossible Whopper's success is its price tag: the meatless burger will cost about a dollar more than its meaty namesake.

The burger chain is testing the "Impossible Whopper" - with patties from plant-based food company Impossible Foods - at all 52 locations in St. Louis starting Monday.

While fast food isn't exactly the healthiest thing in the world, The Impossible burger is low in cholesterol and doesn't contain any trans fats.

And now diehard vegans can pick up the creation blowing everyone's minds at Burger King. These patties are made with the exact same recipe as other Impossible products, but shaped to "resemble the broad, flat shape of the Whopper patty".

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In the United States the group will start rolling out a plant-based range dubbed "Awesome Burgers" under its Sweet Earth brand from this autumn. "We've also seen chains such as Chili's add new plant-based dishes, such as a black bean and veggie fajitas dish to the menu".

Impossible Foods was founded in 2011 by Pat Brown, a former Stanford University professor.

Finazzo said Burger King also researched Beyond Meat, but decided that Impossible Foods', which also counts Gates as an investor, offering was a better fit. A CNET reporter sampled the Impossible patty after it was grilled on one of Burger King's flame broilers and substituted for the meat in a Whopper purchased from a bricks-and-mortar location.

Burger King will charge about $1 more for the burger, according to The New York Times.

Nestle S.A.is planning to debut its "Incredible Burger" soon in Europe.

"I kept looking at mine trying to make sure it WAS plant-based".

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