China offers assistance to woman arrested at Trump resort



President Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed a recent alleged breach of his Mar-a-Lago property, saying he was "not concerned" about the incident.

The FBI handles related investigations through the bureau's joint terrorism task forces as well as through its civil rights program by enforcing federal hate crime statutes, Mr. Wray continued, noting the 29 guilty counts prosecutors secured last month against James Alex Fields Jr., the OH man convicted of murdering a counterprotester during a 2017 rally organized by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia. They said the Federal Bureau of Investigation hasn't responded. The agency has no previous file on Zhang, and she isn't charged with any espionage crimes at this time, only with giving false statements to a federal officer and entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds.

"I think that was just a fluke situation, and I think that the person sitting at the front desk did a very good job, to be honest with you".

Fuchs said the fact that the woman, who failed to get very far into the club, was there proves there are security risks.

Chinese citizen Yujing Zhang talked her way past checkpoints into the exclusive Trump resort while the president was golfing nearby. Officials discovered that she was carrying four cell phones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive that apparently contained malware. The end result is, it was good.

Investigators are attempting to determine if Zhang is associated with Cindy Yang, the former owner of massage parlors "who has promoted events at Mar-a-Lago with ads targeting Chinese business executives hoping to gain access to Trump and his family".

Federal Bureau of Investigation rejects teen's claim to be long-missing boy
Under federal law, when a child is reported missing to law enforcement authorities, they must be entered into the database. Baughman says "it was just one of those moments where you maintain hope and be supportive and say a lot of prayers".

The investigation is still being led by the US Secret Service.

"She has no ties to the United States in general or to the Southern District of Florida in particular", the prosecutor said at Zhang's initial appearance Monday.

"I am not going to allow the president to be in jeopardy or his family", Cummings told Reuters, adding that if the Secret Service needs "to change some things down there in Florida, we want to know".

White supremacists pose a "persistent, pervasive" threat, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Thursday on Capitol Hill.

The 32-year-old was arrested over the weekend while the president was visiting the club in Palm Beach, Florida.

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