U.S. attorney general pressed to provide proof Russian Federation probe didn't incriminate Trump

DC's Swamp Rats Cling to Their Hoax

DC's Swamp Rats Cling to Their Hoax

He criticized Rep. Jerry Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, for comments the New York Democrat made on "Face the Nation" minutes earlier denouncing Barr as a "bias defender" of the president.

"Looks like Bob Mueller's team of 13 Trump Haters & Angry Democrats are illegally leaking information to the press while the Fake News Media make up their own stories with or without sources - sources no longer matter to our corrupt & dishonest Mainstream Media, they are a Joke!" Free from the investigation that clouded 85 percent of his term and fueled his political opponents in the media and Congress, President Trump is enjoying a rare, somewhat manufactured moment of political vindication.

His four-page overview of Mueller's report dealt a blow to Democrats, who had hoped the special counsel's account of his sweeping probe into the president's campaign and election meddling would bolster their wide-ranging investigations into Trump and his business dealings.

"There's been a lot of talk about whether Chairman Nadler was right to pursue subpoenaing the report", said Kirschner.

The president's critics questioned whether Barr soft-pedaled Mueller's findings, concerns that intensified after recent reports that indicated some on Mueller's team are unhappy with the brevity of Barr's initial report to Congress and believe more could and should be said about the seriousness of what they found. Keeping the investigation alive with tweets, calls on Democrats to resign, and false claims of "total exoneration", President Trump can pull the national conversation from Democrat's strengths (healthcare) to their worst habits: speculating about the Mueller report. "This is a show by the Democrats".

The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday defended its handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report examining contacts between President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian Federation as it faced increased pressure to make the document public.

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Suspicions are deep among Democrats that Mr Barr took advantage of his position to clear Mr Trump and now wants to keep the most damaging parts of the report secret to protect the White House.

Below, click the image to read Barr's full remarks.

The memo came to light in December only after Trump had sacked Sessions and chosen Barr to replace him.

Both the Mueller report and the tax return issues are likely to wind their way through the courts up to the Supreme Court.

Collins then slammed Nadler as "loath [ing] to begin an impeachment hearing when the facts do not support one" and cited the legal precedent for bringing grand jury materials before Congress.

In an odd stroke of timing, the federal appeals court in Washington issued a ruling Friday in an unrelated case that buttresses the argument for keeping a close hold on grand jury information.

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