Significant winter storm predicted for this week

Potential Winter Storm For SE Wyoming Wednesday

Potential Winter Storm For SE Wyoming Wednesday

Blizzard warnings were posted from Colorado to Minnesota on Wednesday and wildfires were a concern in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma as the second so-called "bomb cyclone" storm in less than a month hit the central us, raising the prospect of renewed flooding in the already drenched Midwest.

In Minnesota, the National Weather Service said a "potentially historic winter storm" may hit the state late Wednesday as the system moves east, with heavy rain, 50 miles per hour winds and heavy snow. Winds could gust as high as 55 miles per hour.

Greg Carbin of the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center says new low-pressure records could be established in Kansas, breaking earlier marks set during the 1974 super tornado outbreak.

Chief Morning Meteorologist Ken Barlow said rain mixed with snow will begin during the Wednesday evening commute, although he said road conditions will mainly be wet. There were no immediate reports of serious injuries. Snow is likely through Thursday, Thursday night and much of Friday with blowing snow and blizzard conditions possible throughout that time. "We have a Trace to 4" of snow here in case the changeover does occur faster than anticipated, but for many of these communities just a coating of slush will be the outcome.

The states under the greatest threat from the winds are Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Colorado.

Historically, this is a five- to 10-year storm for the High Plains that could close down highways and interstates.

Gov. Tim Walz said his administration is working with emergency managers to prepare for the storm and added the Minnesota National Guard is ready, if necessary.

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Snowfall will taper off and winds should subside Friday morning.

West, Rockies and Plains for the next couple of days. Rather, a warm, subtropical air mass and a cold, Arctic air mass crossed paths, creating the flawless conditions for a rare bombogenesis over the Rockies and Great Plains states. A winter storm warning has also been issued for Jefferson, Broomfield and Boulder counties. Winds could gust as high as 45 miles per hour.

Blizzard warnings extend over 700 miles in six states, with more than 14.8 million people under winter alerts. In southern New Mexico, the U.S. Army's White Sands Missile Range closed Wednesday because of the high winds.

In March, a late-winter "bomb cyclone" triggered heavy rainfall over the region and combined with melting snow to cause extensive flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries.

Besides heavy snow, there is the potential for severe thunderstorms in warmer areas across the Midwest, according to Dean. This includes DIA, Aurora, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Golden, Castle Rock, Elizabeth. etc. Elevation here will help the changeover occur quicker, and help to promote some heavy, wet accumulation -- certainly by Wednesday evening.

"We're not out of the woods", Walz said. Separate from this storm, New England endured two winter storms on Monday and Tuesday, according to Accuweather. For what it's worth, this feels a bit long to us as the worst of it should move east Wednesday night. So IF we're going to hit those forecast totals, this will be the most likely window to do so in.

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