Israeli spacecraft fails to make successful moon landing

Les Lyles UAG meeting

Les Lyles UAG meeting

The Israeli Aerospace Industry's space division and SpaceIL, the non-profit that sent the craft into space, are now indicating they presume it to be damaged beyond further function.

Beresheet images the Moon from 22 kilometers The Beresheet lander returned this photo of the Moon from an altitude of 22 kilometers before landing failure on 11 April 2019.

Israel's first attempt fell short because the craft's engine - essentially the brakes of the vehicle in this situation - cut out and stopped it from slowing itself down.

Surveyor 3 successfully landed in 1967; that same year, communication was lost with Surveyor 4 just 2.5 minutes before touchdown on the lunar surface, and NASA concluded the spacecraft may have exploded.

An illustration of the Beresheet spacecraft orbiting the moon.

Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator of NASA's science mission directorate, commented on the failure shortly after it occurred. "True, not as we had hoped, but we will succeed in the end". "This is a great achievement that we have not yet completed". Thank you for inspiring us @TeamSpaceIL.

Only the US, China, and Russian Federation have successfully landed on the Moon.

Peter Diamandis, co-founder and executive chairman of XPRIZE, was at Mission Control in Yahud, Israel, for the landing.

Had the mission been successful, the 160-kilogram unmanned four-legged spacecraft would have been the smallest and cheapest spacecraft ever to land on the moon. They were going for it. "We are the seventh country to achieve this, we will be the fourth if we persevere". "We, unfortunately, have not managed to land successfully". When the contest ended with no victor, the partners made a decision to seek other sponsors rather than give up the quest.

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"And here we are eight years later with a project with a budget of nearly $100 million".

"I don't want to be the richest man in the cemetery".

Kahn said it was not easy to raise the money, but he appealed to the national pride of Israelis. "It nearly seems un-doable, and even if it was doable, it takes somebody with imagination to actually see why you would do it". "Hopefully, when the landing is successful, we'll have so much joy in our veins that the challenges and problems we've had to overcome will look different". While Beresheet is operating its magnetometer will measure traces of the ancient lunar magnetic field, which was once as strong as Earth's billions of years ago, and measure magnetic anomalies known to be in the Mare Serenitatis area.

NASA broadcast the landing attempt live on its dedicated TV channels, as well as online.

This did not come to pass, though. The craft is assumed to have crashed into the lunar surface. However, the main engine briefly failed during the manoeuvre.

IAI has expressed an interest in using that platform for future missions.

The mission was far from a total failure, though. "And that caused an unfortunate chain of events we're not sure about", Mr Doron said. "I didn't realize it was impossible and the three engineers who started this project didn't realize it was impossible, and the way we in Israel think, nothing is impossible".

The Israeli lunar lander that was destined to make history as the first privately funded moon mission crashed on landing Thursday. "It just takes one little glitch", he said. Besides trying to win the X-Prize, the SpaceIL effort was also meant to inspire Israelis and others to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), to create an "Apollo effect" in the country.

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