PSN Online ID Change Available Now

PSN name change

PSN name change

However, there are some exceptions to that rule, and Sony have revealed that at least 10 games are experiencing "critical" issues in the wake of the changes, including Sony's own LittleBigPlanet 3, and the "The Show" series of Major League Baseball games.

If you want to check out the full list of games tested to support Sony's PSN ID change feature, check it out here.

There are only two ways players can implement a name change: Via PS4 settings or in a web browser.

And, possibly more importantly - how much will it cost?

PlayStation users who want to change their PSN ID a second time will be charged $9.99, or $4.99 if they are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. This will make it easier for your friends to notice your ID change. A list of games that are officially compatible with the online ID changes has been provided on the PlayStation website.

With the new name change option, this issue seems to still not be completely ironed out.

Names that violate the Terms of Service will be reverting back to the original name for free. To start using your old ID again, just contact PlayStation Support.

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Q: Can I revert back to my old ID?

Can someone else take it?

Also, your old ID will remain available to you. The best part about the whole thing is that you can go back to your old name for free.

For those that want to get a PS4 console of their own in India, now might be the ideal time because the nearly ever stagnant prices of the PS4 range of consoles are being discounted. The feature will be as simple as visiting your "Account Management" page and entering a new online ID. The games released on or after that date should have little to no problems.

The PSN name change can only be done via a PS4 or web browser - it can't be done through a PS3 or PS Vita system.

However, it is noted in the announcement that despite PlayStation's earlier advice that all games published after April 1, 2018 would support the Online ID Change feature "we've found an instance where a game did not fully support the feature, even though it was originally published after April 1, 2018". And let's face it - if you've been stuck with an embarrassing ID for years, you'll probably be willing to make a few compromises to choose something more appropriate. Anything before that might not work or cause various issues, though Sony says that "most actively played PS4 games" will be fine.

Do note that this feature is now in a preview program which means that you'll encounter bugs and issues here and there. We expect major issues to occur only in a small number of games.

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