White House Considering Immigration Crackdown on Countries Whose Nationals Overstay Visas

Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin testifies during a House Financial Services Committee Hearing on Capitol Hill

Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin testifies during a House Financial Services Committee Hearing on Capitol Hill

"I don't think Congress - particularly not this group of congressmen and women - are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages I would assume that President Trump's taxes will be", Sanders told Fox News Sunday (partial transcript via RCP).

"If the Radical Left Democrats all of a sudden don't want the Illegal Migrants in their Sanctuary Cities (no more open arms), why should others be expected to take them into their communities", he said in another tweet later on Friday. Neal is relying on a 1920s-era law that says the IRS "shall furnish" any tax return requested by the chairmen of key House and Senate committees.

"Democrats are demanding that the IRS turn over the documents", Mulvaney said.

Democratic committee chairs announced a probe Monday into President Trump's nascent plan to ship illegal immigrants away from the border and release them into sanctuary cities, calling the proposed move "alarming".

Asked again later because of his response to the demand of Neal, Trump didn't provide an immediate answer.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump weighed in, telling reporters that he won't agree to release his returns while he is under audit. Trump said that he would like to offer them but he won't do that till he is under audit.

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President Donald Trump and White House aides might execute rules that would punish countries that are home to a high number of people who overstay their short-term visas, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

In a recent interview with the Post, Democratic New York Representative Kathleen Rice, who serves as chairwoman of the House Homeland Security subcommittee on border security said Miller needs to come before her panel to "make his case for these awful policies to the American people instead of being this shadow puppeteer". House Democrats are in a party retreat in the Virginia suburbs of Washington. "We shall inspect the petition and we will stick to the law... and now we will protect the president as we would protect any taxpayer" about their right to privacy, Mnuchin said.

Neal's initial letter didn't lay out any consequences for the IRS if it didn't comply, and a spokesman said a likely course would be a second, more insistent, letter.

"Will he tell the IRS not to release them though?" asked Wallace, trying to get a more direct answer.

The request for Trump's tax filings is but one of supervision efforts launched by Democrats after taking back the House in the midterms of last fall. The president outside attorney also did not respond to your request for opinion.

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